Client Name

Mr O'Flaherty


Ealing, London


Garden Gym


Gastropod with store 3m x 2m


Not everyone has a huge garden in which they can build a large studio which can be used as an office or gym, art studio or chill out room. At Garden Spaces we want to be able to create a useable space for anyone not matter what the size or shape of their garden.
Our client on this build wanted a small garden gym with some integrated storage which would fit into their garden without dominating the space the had. The studio would have to be big enough for a couple of pieces of gym equipment whilst the store would need to be able to hold basic garden equipment such a a lawn mower and maybe some furniture. Our client had a tight budget but wanted something attractive and of a high quality.


We have several different styles and specification of building and we try and have something for every taste, style and budget. Our Gastropod range was perfect for our client on this build. The quality of the building materials is the same as on the higher spec ranges with the main differences being the client would conduct their own site survey negating the need for one of our designers coming out, and the interior spec is based on a more practical solution for those on a budget.
One of the joys of our buildings is that any aspect can be upgraded or changed, so should a client want to start of with base Gastropod and then add other elements this is no problem at all and is exactly what our client did here.
This building is finished externally in our thermowood shiplap cladding on the front facade, with a rendered finish on the sides and rear. This allows for low maintenance whilst creating an attractive looking building.
Internally this gym has upgraded flooring, our client choosing a laminate wood floor. This creates a nice look inside the building and is strong enough to support the gym equipment without the risk of scratches.
The doors and windows were custom designed for this build, they are small enough so they do not dominate the whole front of the building whilst being big enough to get gym equipment in and out with ease.
The storage unit is integrated into the design of the studio with only the door handle giving away its location. This provides a useful space allowing for an uncluttered garden.
A very nice show of what can be done with a Gastropod.