Client Name

Mr and Mrs Ellis Jones


Ealing, London


Garden Office


Gastropod C3 with cloakroom suite and intergrated storage


All members of a family living under one roof like to have their own space, be it parents wanting a quiet spot in which to relax and unwind, or teenagers looking for somewhere they can hide away from their parents and listen to music, play video games or just generally have their own space. In one house this can sometimes be tricky so being able to build something in the garden is an ideal solution.
Mr and Mrs Ellis Jones came to us looking for a garden studio which could be used as a family room. This would be used by anyone wishing to escape the house and be able to have a little space to themselves be it Mum, Dad or the children.
The studio would need television sockets, wifi and some integrated storage. Mr and Mrs Ellis Jones also enquired as to whether it would be possible to include a small toilet into the design.


We have built many family rooms in the past, all in different sizes and styles. Mr and Mrs Ellis Jones had quite a narrow garden but wanted as large as studio as possible, spanning the entire width of the garden. As a general rule we require a 40cm gap around our studio for construction purposes but on occasions we can get around this by removing adjacent fence panels. This is what we did here, this allowed the studio to be as wide as possible maximising internal space and providing a good sized social environment. We managed to fit a small cloakroom suite in the studio along with some integrated storage avoiding the need for a seperate shed.
This studio is from our Gastropod range but features a skylight and as a unique feature, a wood burning stove. We included heatproofing int he flooring and walls surrounding the heater to avoid any problems with the flue going through the walls, and this will provide plenty of heat in the winder time. The cladding is our Thermowood pine and blends in beautifully with the garden.
It just goes to show, a small garden does not have to exclude you from creating additional internal space. A lovely building already providing lots of happy family members.