Client Name

Mr Flutter


Finchley, North London


Garden Office


Elegans 5m x 4.5m


Being able to work from home is a huge benefit enjoyed by many people in all sectors of work from home teaching to telesales, IT work to childcare. Our client on this project needed a treatment room from which they could practice from their garden. They wanted a professional custom made space which would have everything they needed when seeing and treating clients, which could also be used for socialising when out of work hours or if the purpose of the building ever changed.
The building would need to not only look like a suitable treatment room, but would also need seperate rooms for practicing and waiting patients, whilst also having all necessary facilities needed such as toilet and internet access.


At Garden Spaces we have created many purpose built studios for people who work from home, from yoga classrooms to gyms our buildings lend themselves fantastically to almost any purpose so we saw no problems with meeting our clients needs on this build.
Thanks to our wide range of finishings and options we can tailor any building to not only look suitable but also providing the right atmosphere inside for its desired purpose.
This studio is from our Helix range but has several upgrades. These include our Western red cedar cladding on the outside of the building, which a very hard wearing and visually stunning wood. It requires minimal maintenance and will last for a very long time. This cladding was installed on the front and side facades with a rendered finish on the rear facade.
Internally, the building is split into 3 seperate rooms. A large, bright and airy entrance room in which patients can relax and prepare for their treatments, a cloakroom suite including a toilet and sink, and finally a private treatment room which provides a calm and quiet area where our client could practice.
To create the right conditions inside the studio, wall mounted thermostatically controlled heaters were installed. These are very efficient and help maintain a warm and pleasant temperature even on the coldest of winter days and nights.
The lighting was upgraded from strip lighting to metal down lighters and an external energy efficient PIR light was installed for safety and security.
Almost every business uses the internet these days be it for orders or taking bookings and our client was no different. Wireless broadband internet was installed and this comes through via the power cable. This allows for a constant and steady internet connection from the main router meaning no issues with wireless network boosters from the main dwelling to the studio.
To finish off the building to an even higher standard, the windows and door glazing was upgraded to our high performance glazing and the frames upgraded from the standard upvc to our powder coated aluminium frames.
These add a quality feel and look to the building which as a whole provides a perfect work space for our client and their customers.