Client Name

Mr Antrobus


Harpenden, Hertfordshire


Garden Office


Elegans Studio Left


The customer on this build first discovered us at Grand Designs Live 2011 and was very impressed with the studio we had at the show. This was our Apex Duo model and the customer liked the high roofline and space within the studio.
The request for this build was a self-contained office which could double up as an outdoor entertaining area with a large decked area on which guests and friends could socialise. A small washroom was also specified.
As the building was to be used all year round, the customer specified air conditioning and blinds to control the amount of light entering the studio.


When the customer showed us where in their garden they would like the studio, it became clear the perhaps the Apex Duo design may not be the best option. After discussing their options the customer decided that our flat roofed Elegans range would better suit them. Their main concern was the amount of internal height within the studio. We arranged a viewing at one of our existing studios and the customer was very impressed and decided to choose a flat roofed design.
To increase the comfort levels of the studio for year round use, climate control was installed as well as the requested integral blinds.
The large decking area is perfect for entertaining guests allowing plenty of space for socialising and relaxing, with external lighting built in meaning the usability of the studio was not limited to daylight hours.
The small washroom was incorporated into the build along with a small cloakroom completing the design nicely.
The bifolding doors meant the studio could be completely opened up on warm days blending the space between outside and inside, making an attractive space perfect for work and pleasure.