Client Name

Mr Biron-Scott



Garden Music Studio




Many people enjoy music, whether it's playing an instrument or just listening to a CD or record. Many people who play or teach how to play a musical instrument often want a specific place in which this can be done, but not everyone has the space to do this. Our studios are very good music rooms, acoustically efficient and providing a flexible space the can be used for the playing of any instrument whether a small one such as a flute, or a large one such as a grand piano. This is what we had to consider on this project. Our client was a piano teacher and wanted a home studio from which they could play and teach music separate from their main dwelling. They had a large grand piano which would need to be accommodated within the studio and we would need to consider this when creating the design, due to the weight of the instrument.


Our studios make perfect music rooms, thanks to their acoustic properties and versatility they can be customised to suit any shape and size of garden and to hold almost any instrument. This studio was required to have enough space to install and hold a grand piano with enough space around it to move. With this taken in consideration, we constructed this studio with a strengthened floor. This enabled it to take the weight of the grand piano with ease and peace of mind. No worries about the flooring bending or warping under the strain. The large double doors provided enough space for the piano to be moved in without difficulty and double as a light and airy entrance to the building.
To keep any noise heard from the outside to a minimum, narrow windows were installed which whilst reducing noise pollution also provide a reasonable amount of light. They also add a unique look to a fantastic building.