Client Name

Mr Philips




Garden Music Studio


Elegans Studio 3x2 Centre


Everyone who comes over is impressed with the quality of the build. I have ended up with a really beautiful building that suits its purpose perfectly. I work from home and needed the extra space and quiet in which to do so - I now have a room which is cosy, quiet and a fantastic place to think.All the problems that were encountered were solved - it was important to Roger and his team that everything was resolved - so the customer service was excellent. Many thanks for providing a truly unique and contemporary building.


Our client was keen to find a solution to accomodate his home recording studio. The music room would be used as a dedicated creative space and house a range of professional recording equipment. We discussed acoustic and security concern and addressed the need to a controlled environment for the music equipment.


The project was completed without the need for planning as the building was constructed within our standard Elegans specification. We installed a natural sedum roof which helped the music room to blend into the garden when viewed from the upstairs room of the main property.
The glazing chosen for the build was again standard specification which addressed the security requirements. The patio style doors which are also used in traditional housing are manufactured from secure aluminium, use toughened glass and the doors feature tough 5 point locks.
A suitable constant environment can be achieved within the music room thanks to the thermally efficient materials and the inclusion of a climate control system. Acoustic internal blocks were fitted with the recording space to improve overall acoustics.