Client Name

Mr Jaggers


Bromley, Kent


Garden Music Studio


Elegans 5m x 4m


Our client on this project was a musician who wanted a purpose built soundproof space from where they could play music and record without disturbing their family or surrounding neighbours. We offer a selection of soundproofing options and would discuss these with the client when planning the project to see which would suit their needs best as well as staying with their budget.
The client was also very keen on having a living sedum roof which would not only enhance the visual appeal of the building but would also act as an extra soundproofing barrier on the roof of the studio. A well lit building was also requested however they wanted it to be reasonably private so we would go through options with regard to blinds to accomplish this.


At Garden Spaces we try to offer a range of options to suit any budget within each section of options available. In the case of our acoustic options we have 2 such types, we have our bronze and gold acoustic packages. The bronze offering a good soundproofing solution for those with a lower budget and the gold for the serious musician who wants a very soundproof studio. Our client on this project opted for the gold acoustic package. This is composed of a double layer of acoustic plasterboard in the ceiling, QuietPanel in the walls and QuietFloor Plus acoustic underlay in the floor. The wall and floor underlays are made of recycled materials and are a composite of soundproof matting and acoustic foam. These provide barriers of different thicknesses and densities which absorb different wavelengths of sound making the studio very soundproof. The ceiling absorbtion is enhanced on the outside by the living sedum roof which acts not just as a soundproofing solution but also adds visual appeal to the outside of the studio.
Internally the studio is fitted with brushed metal fixtures and fittings, down lights and the windows are complimented with our wooden blinds. These allow the light coming into the studio to be controlled as well as creating a privacy barrier for the client.
This building is finished in our Western Red Cedar cladding which has been enhanced with our premium oil stain.