Client Name

Mrs Hatch


Morpeth, Northumberland



Elegans 4m x 3m


We all need somewhere to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of day to day life. No matter what our walk of life having your own space where you can detach yourself is a pleasant thing to have.
Our client on this project was a doctor and amateur artist. They wanted a garden room which could be used partly as an art studio but also as a family chill out and leisure room where they could relax and unwind away from the main house.


One key aspect to our garden rooms is their flexibility, they really can be used for any purpose. For this build the client wanted large windows to allow plenty of natural light into the building allowing for good art conditions by creating a light and airy space. This then also provides a calming and relaxing environment for family members to relax in.
The tailored wooden blinds are designed to compliment each individual window and door perfectly and are also very efficient at blocking light out should the client wish to create a darker environment within the studio which would be perfect for watching films. The blinds as you can see from the photographs block out a huge amount of light even on bright and sunny days. This also helps add a privacy barrier should anyone using the studio wish to be undisturbed and left in peace.
The building is of our Elegans specification which comes with Western Red Cedar cladding, powder coated aluminium framed windows and doors on the exterior, and engineered wooden flooring and brushed metal fixtures and fittings internally. This studio was also enhanced with underfloor heating which makes the building perfectly comfortable in winter meaning it really can be used all year round, no matter what the weather throws at it.