Client Name

Mr Curtis




Garden Music Studio


Elegans 5x3


When working from home, it can often come with many distractions. Anything from sporting events on the television to children running around can disrupt a working environment, so to be able to create a seperate space where one can work is always a benefit. Our garden studios can be used for almost any purpose and we are finding more and more people are choosing to work from home.
Our client on this build worked in the music industry and needed a home office which had good acoustic properties but also plenty of space for CD's and music playing equipment. This space would provide a perfect working environment away from the distractions of home.


This Elegans specification building makes a lovely looking office both from the outside and inside. All our studios are made of SIPS panels which are very good at absorbing sound creating a nice quiet space in which to work, rest or play without disturbing those outside or in the surrounding area. As our client needed somewhere to play lots of music this was a very important factor when choosing us to take on this project.
Internally lots of shelving units were put in to take the huge number of CD's our client had and leaving enough space for a desk and chair completing the office. Additional sockets were installed to provide enough electric connections for music playing equipment, computers and printers. Extra lighting was also installed to create a bright office environment.
Externally the building is finished in our Western red cedar with aluminium framed doors and windows. The decked area provides extra space and adds to the flexible use of the studio, allowing for entertainment space with friends and family or just an extra area to work on warm summer days. A really attractive building.