Client Name

Mr Burns Price


High Barnet, Greater London


Garden Office


Elegans Studio Left - 6x3


Our client on this build was renting an office from which they worked, but this was not overly cost effective and had the downside of being very cold in winter. This made working in winter very unpleasant especially as the customer worked 6 days a week.
They wanted to build a home studio in their garden to replace the rented office which would help reduce their overheads as well as add value to their property.
The customer had a design drawn up by and architect but came to us to see if we could create a matching and competitive design.
Their requests were for a large office which needed lots of light, as well as a small kitchen area and washroom with a toilet. This would encompass all their needs and create a perfect office which would be cool in summer and warm in winter.


One of the main requirements for this build was lots of light. To make the most of natural light, large windows were installed along with solar tubes in the roof. This made a very cost effective solution and provided suitable light for the customer in which to work.
To help control the light coming in and to increase the security aspect of the office space, integral blinds were installed which acheived both these goals.
To ensure the office studio was suitable for all purposes, a cloakroom, kitchen and washroom were all included meaning it was completely self-contained and met all the customers needs. Wireless broadband was installed finishing off an accomlished office.
The thermal efficiency of the studio meant that the building would be cool in summer and warm in winter making for a much more pleasant space in which to work.