Client Name

Mr Conway


Burford, Oxfordshire


Garden Gym


Elegans Studio Left 3x4


An amazingly painless process, from the initial meeting to completion everything went perfectly. Garden Spaces dealt with the planning department, began and finished the installation on time and the building has exceeded expectations. Excellent customer service, build team were very good and totally fulfilled all of our expectations. Difficult to improve as everything was so well done - We will definitely recommend to others.


Our client had similar objectives to many people we speak to looking to who are looking to install a garden gym. Routinely traveling over 30 minutes to use his gym membership at a local leisure centre, Mr Conway was seeking a solution within his home to make regular exercise less of a chore and more enjoyable.
Located in the Cotswolds, an area of outstanding natural beauty, planning needs were paramount in the choice of garden room supplier. These needs were further complicated as the adjoining property was a listed World Heritage Site. These circumstances meant we would need to liase with the planning authorities closely, in fact having done so we produced a final design which was accepted by all parties without the need for planning.


The gym was built within the curtilage of the existing buildings, a solution which took into consideration the needs of the planning authorities and enabled the gym to sit unobtrusively in it's surroundings.
This was achieved with an entirely bespoke design that maximised the available space and made use of a concrete base that had previously been beneath an outbuilding. Window and door frames were 'Ral' colour coded to match the timber and soffits of the local Cotswold area and the result is a building that makes great use of a little used space.
Inside the studio we fitted a studded rubber floor which is a popular flooring option in our garden gyms as it provides a sturdy and non slip surface which can be easily cleaned. A climate control unit was installed to ensure the gym would remain cool and power was routed to the building from the main property.