Client Name

Mr Martinez


Highgate, London


Garden Gym


Custom Elegans Studio 5x4
with sound proofing, sedum roof and light tube


We are very pleased with Garden Spaces' work. It was a challenging project but they were managed to finish it on time. They were very diligent and accommodating, even when we changed the instructions half way through the project. The studio looks fantastic and we would not hesitate recommending Garden Spaces to anyone.


This build was particularly challenging as it featured difficult access over several levels through a landscaped garden. The significant elevation of the garden made moving materials to the build site more complicated and limited space around the structure meant careful thought had to be made when bringing the studio components in to place.
Our client was keen for the new building to blend subtly with the landscaping and wished to use the space as a gym. An indoor rock climbing wall was also to be installed providing a private area for exercising and improving technique.


In order to accommodate the specialised climbing equipment additional height was required internally which was achieved by sinking the floor beneath ground level.
We fitted a sedum roof to help with the natural appearance of the room and worked with the client to ensure suitable cladding was chosen that would complement the extensive planting of the garden.
Additional light was brought in to the room with the installation of a sun tube. These clever lighting units are fitted within the roof and are constructed with highly reflective materials that 'capture' available light and funnel it downwards lighting up the space below.