Client Name



Garden Room - Taunton, Somerset


Garden Office


4 x 2 Elegans Studio


These clients came to us looking for a small but high quality, thermally efficient garden studio which was to be used initially, as a dry secure store room whilst work was carried out in their house and then primarily as a small art studio, in which they could relax, maybe paint and enjoy their lovely garden.
The studio design was influenced by long term functional requirements, namely the need for wheel chair access. The couple chose to use a local builder to clear and prepare a specific area of garden they had allocated for the build. This included the laying of a brick and hardcore base on which the studio would sit. Most of our studios sit on concrete pile foundations but this is adapted depending on ground conditions and the function of the studio, pre-existing foundations or preference. If other builders are involved in the laying of foundations we will liaise closely to ensure suitability for our studios.


One of the best things about our studios is that we can make them any shape or size, this flexibility of design means we can create a studio to fit any space our clients need us to regardless of how big or small this may be.
This studio is a smaller one, it measured 4m x 2m but as you can see from the photographs it fits perfectly into the garden.
The large south facing window allows for plenty of natural light all day long, whilst the custom sized French doors provide not only another large light source but a large entrance wide enough for the days when a wheelchair will be required.
The door has an ultra low sill allowing for full disabled access and the slope of the garden path helps add to the accessibility of the studio. A small top hung window is located on the right hand wall allowing for excellent ventilation. On warm summer days the French doors can be hooked open allowing for a large open space blending indoors and outdoors. To keep the studio warm in winter, underfloor heating was installed. This can be set at a constant temperature ensuring the building is always warm and ready to be used now matter how cold it is outside.
To ensure the cedar cladding stays looking "fresh", we applied our exterior wood oil option which lasts a year or 2 before it needs reapplying.
A very lovely looking studio, ready for many years of use.