Client Name

Mr and Mrs Roxbrugh


Hornsey, London


Garden Office


Elegans Studio Right - 5x3


Children always like to have their own space to play and relax in, and with this build the customer wanted to provide an area for them to do just that.
The studio would give some extra space for the children to use as a chill out area and would give more space in the house.
There was no direct access to the garden so all materials would have to be brought through the house into the garden.
The garden was on a split level with some existing decking which the customer wanted to be removed, and the area where to studio would be built was to be lowered by approximately 1 metre to have the whole garden tying in on one level.


Due to the split level of the garden a lot of material had to be removed. 2 tonnes of concrete and soil were removed to create a flat garden space on which the studio would sit comfortably and access would not be a problem.
All materials had to be carried through the house and kitchen, and this was done with great care and diligence causing minimal disruption to the family.
The studio incorporated an internal partition to split the inside into sepa rate areas and under floor heating was installed to keep the building warm in winter ensuring full year round use.
White wooden blinds were added to control sunlight and privacy, and oiled cladding was used to increase the visual appeal of the studio creating a very nice looking space.