Client Name

Mr Tyson


Ruscombe, Gloucestershire


Garden Office


Elegans 6 x 3


Looks lovely. Jealous neighbours.

Was a pleasure having your team during the build. They were very courteous, and a credit to you all.


For anyone working from home there can be many distractions whether it be other family members, pet, sport on the television or the sofa beckoning. To have a purpose built office room would be ideal as it creates a professional working environment seperate from the house means you can be productive and free from distractions. This is what our client wanted for this project, somewhere from which they could work without being disturbed. They also wanted a storage area where they could keep garden tools and equipment as well as garden furniture. Internet access was a must as would heating of some description.


One of the joys of our garden studios is that they really can be used for any purpose, though they do lend themselves fantastically to office spaces. They are quiet, comfortable and the temperature can easily be controlled no matter what time of year it is and what the weather outside is doing. The large windows on this studio allow for plenty of natural light creating a bright working environment, whilst also providing views of the garden and house. To increase privacy and also light control, the client had tailored aluminium blinds installed which fit each individual window and door perfectly and mean the studio can be kept in shade on sunny days, or allowing our client to work in peace and in private.
Wireless broadband internet was installed, this is provided through the main power cable meaning less cables are required keeping costs down whilst also minimizing the work required, afterall laying one cable is easier than 2 or 3.
The studio is finished externally in our Western Red Cedar cladding, and powder coated aluminium framed windows and doors. Internally the lighting was upgraded from standard down lights to LED lights and underfloor heating providing the temperature control in the cold winter months.
The requested storage area was included on the rear of the building and can be accessed from either side. This keeps it hidden from view but also provides easy access to lawn mowers, garden tools and furniture.