Client Name

Mr Harris


Islington, London


Garden Office


Elegans 4m x 4m


Our client on this project was a retired architect who still did some freelance consultancy work. They wanted a bespoke garden studio from which they could work in peace and in a professional environment which would also have some storage incorporated into the building for garden utensils and furniture maximizing the flexibility and use of the studio. The client lived in a conservation area and wanted a building that wouldn't need planning permission which is one reason they came to us.


Thanks to law changes to permitted development rights made in October 2008, it is now possible to build a structure in the garden of a dwelling within the boundaries of a conservation area. This change has made it possible for many people to have studios built providing extra space which they could not have done before without going through the sometimes long and arduous process of planning permission. This meant our client could get the home office they wanted much faster and easier than before.
This building is finished in our Elegans specification which comes with Western Red Cedar cladding, aluminium framed windows and doors, engineered wooden flooring and brushed metal fixtures and fittings. This building also has a living sedum room which allows the building to blend nicely with it's surroundings creating a natural look.
The aluminium blinds allow for light to be controlled and also creates a private area where one can work without distraction or being disturbed. To complete the office aspect of the building wireless broadband was installed to allow full data access for our client as well as easy communication with their own clients.
The integrated storage area is finished in the same cladding as the rest of the building allowing for it to be almost hidden from view with only the door handle revealing itself.
This is a beautifully finished building, a very good example of what can be done, even in a conservation area.