Music Room - Swanley

Client Name

Mr and Mrs Lovell


Hackney, East London


Garden Music Studio


Elegans 4m x 2.5m


The customer's requirements for this build were a studio which was to be used as a home office, but which could double as additional living space to fit into their small garden.
Internet access would be required for work purposes and needed to be suitable for year round use.
The customer requested that the studio be incorporated into the existing garden and patio space without the need to redesign the garden space or move any garden walls. In addition to this, the floor of the studio had to tie in with an existing raised patio area and steps up from the garden.
Due to the property being a London town house, there was no access directly to the garden and this would have to be taken into consideration.


Due to the limited access to the garden and the customer's requirements to incorporate the studio into the existing space with no redesign work, parts of the studio were pre-built to enable us to get the walls as close to the garden edges as possible.
All parts of the studio had to be carried through the house as this was the only way to access the garden. This was done with maximum care to the house and no damage was caused.
Wireless broadband was built into the studio to enable the space to be used as an office and the customer also chose to add a living sedum room enhancing the visual appeal of the building.