Client Name

Mr Hale


Westcott, Dorking


Garden Office


Elegans 3x3


"Thanks for the hard work of the builders - Damon was great - hard working, high quality workmanship and flexible - a rare combination these days!

And the gym looks great!"


Many people enjoy exercise and fitness, and many people are members of a gym. This can often be expensive and as a general rule travel to and from the gym is required. An ideal situation would be to have a home gym in the garden. There are no annual membership costs, and the distance to travel is minimal. You can work out at a time to suit you, in the privacy of your own home with your music and possibly a television to help with motivation.
This was what Mr Hale came to us for, he wanted a small gym which could fit at the end of his garden which could accomodate his gym equipment, but also have some integral storage combined into the design. We took this on board at the site survey and would incorporate this into the design.


We have built many studios with integrated storage and adding this to Mr Hale's design was no trouble at all. By cladding the door in the same wood as the rest of the studio the store area is hidden from sight with only the door handle giving its location away.
The studio was to sit at the end of the garden which was quite steep but our installation team have built in many different conditions and this was no problem for them. The gym was kept small enough so as not to dominate the garden, but large enough for the gym equipment needed. A wall mounted bracket was installed for a television, and the large windows and doors allow for lots of light. To help with privacy and light control, Mr Hale chose to add tailored aluminium blinds to the project allowing for him to exercise in a private environment, or shaded when the sun is shining.
This studio is slightly taller than average to allow for a tall person running on a treadmill, and the windows and doors were made larger to keep the look of the building in proportion. All in all, a lovely garden gym ready for many years of use.