Client Name

Mr Scott


Sevenoaks, Kent


Garden Gym, Garden Office, Pool Room


Elegans 6x3


Thank you very much for creating such a wonderful building and for making it all seem so easy. Costi and his team were terrific.


At Garden Spaces we try and provide a building to suit any purpose, shape or size whilst also complimenting our client's homes. This can be anything from a small cottage to a large modern building which leaves huge scope for options and changes. Our client for this build wanted a garden office and gym next to their pool which would match their own house, in this case a popular German brand which we are seeing more and more of in this country. The makers of the house do do their own range of garden buildings but these are very expensive. Our client came to us having seen some of our previous builds and asked if we could help.
The wanted a building with 2 rooms, one to be used as a home office and would need heating, shelving units whilst the other room would be a gym/pool room; a toilet room was also requested if possible.


Thanks to the range of materials we use, and the range of finishes we offer we can match or compliment any style of building. In this case the clients house was very distinctive and they wanted to be able to recreate this in their garden building.
Our usual style is a wooden clad exterior but we also offer stone cladding, Parklex and polymeric rendering which is what was used here. The striking black and white matches the main dwelling perfectly and the large windows allow not only for plenty of natural light but again mirror the house.
The garden office side of the studio has underfloor heating which allows the temperature to be kept at a perfect level all year round, and the shelves that were requested were also installed allowing for plenty of storage. The cloakroom suite is situated between the 2 rooms whilst also providing a corridor from one room to the other.
The gym side of the room has a wall mounted convector heater for cold winter days and the large windows allow for views of the pool, garden and house.
The roof of this studio is completed with a living sedum roof which adds a fantastic visual impact to the building which whilst standing out from the garden also allows for it to blend in.
Internally the building has a lighting upgrade from strip lights to down lights and externally the hardwood step was stained to match the black rendering and frames of the windows and doors.
I think you will agree this is a very attractive building which blends in perfectly with its surroundings.