Client Name

Mrs Frazer-Dalby


Hammersmith, London


Art Studio, Garden Office


Elegans 4x6


Our client for this project came to us wanting a bespoke art studio. She had a small plot at the end of her garden which she wished to use. There were some existing birch trees which our client wished to keep if possible, so we would need to design the studio around these.
Mr Frazer-Dalby requested as much light as possible to allow her to work comfortably, and asked if we could add some integrated storage to the rear of the studio. The building was going to replace a small existing shed and to avoid losing the storage space this was providing we would design this into the studio.


Light is very important for artists and we did our best to build in as much glazing in to the studio as possible. The whole front facade of the studio was glazed, with our large French doors as the main entrance point with floor to ceiling screens either side. These allow for a big enough entrance through which to bring materials from brushes to large canvasses and easels, but also a large amount of light could enter the studio.
In addition to this glazed entrance, floor to ceiling windows were added to the left and right walls to capture sunlight as the sun moved around the garden.
Mrs Frazer-Dalby knew where she wanted her main work station to be and she requested a skylight be added to the studio to help add that little bit of extra light above her. This was incorporated into the design and compliments the feel of the room beautifully.
The existing shed removed, the storage area on the back of the studio was built in but was still accessible from the side of the studio allowing our client to store her garden equipment and any surplus art materials. A very good solution to a storage problem.
This studio is perfect for any artist and will see many years of use. To add to the flexibility of the studio, a large composite decked area was requested and added to the front of the building. This provides a social space for warm, sunny days on which to relax and entertain friends; the composite decking is designed to limit slipping and the anthracite grey colour blends perfectly with the whole project. A very good looking studio which sits brilliantly amongst the trees.