Client Name

Mr J Cullum




Art Studio


Custom Elegans Studio Right - 3x3


I am very pleased with the high quality of the finished studio and the very high standard of workmanship throughout. The design fits perfectly with the garden environment and will be both an enjoyable space as well as a good investment in the overall property.


Mr Cullum is a keen artist and approached Garden Spaces for a solution to provide space for his pastime. Requiring lots of natural light the building needed to fit within the rest of the garden and the chosen location was a disused area near to an additional out building.
The ground where the building would ideally be situated would need extra work as there was a large void that could potentially cause difficulties.


Adapted from our Elegans range of studios the garden building was fitted with both an additional side window as well as a sun tube to add the maximum amount of natural light. The sun tube is from our range of extras and is located in the roof. Made from highly reflective material the device captures the available light and funnels it in to the room. Climate control was fitted to ensure the temperature in the art studio would make extended periods of use a pleasant experience throughout the year, whatever the weather. To help the studio blend in further a natural sedum roof was installed which adds further to the insulation.
Before construction could begin extensive work was carried out to build up the foundations, filling a void over an old storm drain whilst allowing adequate drainage. An existing concrete slab was cut to the dimensions of the building so that it could slot into place.