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Spaces to suit your lifestyle

Our garden buildings offer limitless bespoke solutions to every homeowner's dilemma; creating space whilst avoiding complex planning, lengthy upheaval and spiralling cost. Installing a garden studio is the perfect, long term, year-round solution, giving a new dimension to how you live whilst making the most of your garden space.

We guide you through the design of your unique studio and within weeks not months, it's built and ready to use.

Garden Rooms

For any 'habitable' room in your garden, be it a place to relax or the kids' hangout, to stay dry and last more than one winter or summer for that matter, it has to be thoughtfully designed and expertly constructed. Our bespoke garden rooms, built with structured insulated panels, offer exceptional quality, weatherproofing and thermal efficiency, so you can enjoy year-round panoramic views of your garden without compromising on comfort.

Find our more about our Garden Rooms.

Garden Offices

It's not easy to work or run a business from home, especially if you lack a discreet workspace where you can get away from the noise and distractions of family life. Our range of contemporary garden offices allow you to work in a calm and comfortable environment with all the office and communications equipment you need to function efficiently. Their contemporary design also presents a professional image should you need to meet with clients.

Read more about our Garden Offices.

Garden Studios

We have vast experience in creating studios as home offices, gyms, pool houses, therapy rooms, art studios, yoga suites... the list is endless. The common denominator is bespoke flexible design, a wide choice of features and finishes, exceptional quality and thermal efficiency, extensive product guarantee and stunning aesthetics.

View our Garden Studio Options 

Garden Gyms

Imagine having your own private gym where you can work out whenever you want to? We can help you create a garden gym with tranquil views, a personal shower room, all your favourite equipment and TV/satellite connections to keep you entertained while you exercise. What better way to improve body and soul!

Further Details on our Garden Gyms.

Music Rooms and Studios

If you're a professional musician, teacher or music enthusiast, just imagine the pleasure and convenience of making music in your own garden! We can help you create your own garden music room, practice room or recording studio and provide the perfect acoustic and climate-controlled environment for your instruments. Our use of specialist glass and materials also means you can play in peace and without fear of disturbing your neighbours.

More information on our Garden Music Studios.

Garden Art Studios

Whether you're a professional artist or an enthusiastic amateur, a peaceful garden studio is a wonderfully inspiring space in which to work. Your studio can be designed and positioned to maximise on natural light and fitted with ample storage for all your equipment needs. Our quality, contemporary buildings also provide a safe, secure and climate-controlled environment in which to keep your precious artworks.

More information on our Garden Art Studios.


When you have a growing family they need lots of space to let off steam and to store all those toys and games they accumulate. Moving house is rarely the cheapest option to get the space you need, but a garden playroom could be the ideal solution. Kids are close to the house where it's safe to play in any weather, and you can relax and enjoy a clutter-free home. Our playrooms make a great den for teenagers too!

More information on our Playroom options.

Games Rooms

Every home needs a garden games room; somewhere where the lads can do their own thing without disturbing the lady of the house! We can help you create your very own 'man cave' where you can watch the big match, invite friends for a game of pool, play your favourite video games or even de-stress after a hard day's work with some weights or a punch-bag.

More information on our Games Room Solutions.

Cinema Rooms

Hands up who doesn't enjoy a good film...? Today's cinematography is breaking new ground and what better, more experiential way to absorb the latest blockbuster than in your darkened, acoustically designed wide screen garden cinema. Of course, your bespoke studio doesn't have to be used exclusively as a cinema. It can double up as a music room, chill out zone or office when you're not flicking popcorn and passing 'Kermode' comments.

Read more about our Cinema Options.

Studios with Storage

Whether for bicycles, lawnmowers or gardening tools, garden storage is invaluable but many sheds become weather beaten, damp and insecure. Thus, storage rooms with their own 'secret' access door, have become a common feature in many of our builds. Removing the old shed to create more space and integrating a 'posh shed' into the design their new studio, is a 'no-brainer' for many of our clients.

View the possible Storage Solutions.

Home Extensions

Extra space would be welcome in most homes, whether it be a utility room or office, a bigger kitchen dining area or a place to relax. Garden Spaces specialise in just that, creating the perfect additional space you need, as an extension to your existing property. We offer a complete service; bespoke design, planning consent and installation (including lighting, plumbing and decoration). Our quality buildings are exceptionally thermally efficient offering excellent hassle-free value for money.

Find out more about our Home Extensions.