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Elegans Garden Room - Shepherd's Bush, London

Client Name:

Mr Selivanov


Elegans Studio - 7x3 with Parklex cladding and kitchenette

Client Comments:

I find Garden Spaces highly professional and innovative company, always improving design and looking for new material to execute their projects. Patient and always attentive to details and to their customers’ satisfaction. I am happy to become an ardent ambassador of their project. It’s a shame I have no more space available in my garden.


Our client for this project wanted a garden room which was to be used as an outside dining and entertaining room. This would need to be light and airy to create a pleasant atmosphere, points for internet and television cables, bespoke lighting solution, a heating source and plenty of space. They also wanted the studio to look different to ones we had done before so we would look at alternative cladding options which would enable us to create something unique for the client.
The client also wanted a decked area which could be used on warm summer days for eating and entertaining their guests, friends and family.

Our Solution

To create a unique looking building we looked at alternative cladding options to our usual Thermowood and Western Red Cedar. There are many options available which we put to our client before settling on a material called Parklex. This is a high-density stratified timber panel manufactured from kraft paper This is then treated with resins thermoset under high pressure and temperature, finished with natural timber veneers highly resistant to UV radiation and atmospheric agents. Parklex includes a special overlay that dramatically increases the normal life of the panel, improving UV resistance and colour stability. It also allows for the development of new panels with an extensive range of finishes. This can be cut to almost any shape and size allowing for a unique pattern to be created on the outside of the building. This looks rather stunning on this studio. For the decking, the size originally specified was deemed too small halfway through the build so the client asked if we could extend this to the size you see in the pictures. This was no problem at all and compliments the internal space nicely. Internally the studio was finished with white matt paint, brushed metal fixtures and fittings and power/signal points for television and internet. The internet connection is supplied via the electricity cable linking the studio to the main dwelling reducing the amount of cabling required and keeping costs down. The lighting in this studio consists of dimmable LED lights which are on pivoting rails which allows them to be moved and illuminate all parts of the studio depending on where guests are congregating. These lights can also be controlled by remote control from the main dwelling allowing for extra security and control. The studio also features an integrated store area which was also finished in the Parklex cladding allowing for it to blend in with the exterior look of the building. This provided a hidden space for garden equipment and furnture. All in all a very beautiful garden space.