Garden Rooms Showcase

Whatever the reason for choosing your home, it’s one of the things you automatically invest in. Between decoration, home improvements and gardening, we sculpt our houses to be comfortable and a reflection of ourselves, creating an environment we can happily live in.

Understandably, sometimes we’ll find that our situations have changed and our home is no longer suitable, which leaves us with a few unappetising options; either moving or extending, both of which are expensive and disruptive.

In many cases, the much better option is making use of underused garden areas and going for a garden room. Garden rooms are an ideal solution for many families who need extra space, for whatever reason; some families find they have an extra member on the way and no longer have the space for their home office, painting studio or game room. Some families find that they have frequent visitors and that hosting in the main body of the house puts a strain on space and facilities. Sometimes beginning a new business means you need a new workspace or studio, or as children age, they need more space and so creating a playroom to keep them occupied can free up large areas of the house and act as extra storage space.

The full, end-to-end service from Garden Spaces means that you’ll receive a unique, tailor made room, fit for whatever purpose is needed, or reflecting multi-purpose, flexible uses if that’s what is required. From the initial brief and design phase, through any local authority regulations, if applicable, to the build and connection of utilities, we’ll ensure that we work with the dimensions of your garden.

By using our bespoke garden room design services, you won’t find yourself with a pre-fabricated box that has to be cajoled into position and ends up not quite fitting the purposes you had in mind. Our build time can be adjusted around you and because these are independent structures, there’s much less disruption than hiring a building firm to knock open and build onto your existing home.

Garden rooms can be a cost-effective, convenient and flexible solution for a family that find itself in need of extra space, regardless of what that need entails. When placed alongside the alternatives of moving home, undertaking a large scale building extension or even renting studio or office space, it’s much more appealing to give your home an extra lease of life it needs.