Our Helix range is our mid-price garden studio solution that requires no planning permission. Starting at £9,300* (including VAT, installation and foundations) it leaves many of our competitor standing. The range comes in a choice of styles and sizes and, as with all our garden buildings, you can also tailor your Helix studio to your needs and to your budget with a choice of extras and upgrades.

You'll find that our Helix garden studio offers the same design and build quality as the Elegans range but we've trimmed the price for customers on a tighter budget through our careful selection of fixtures and fittings.

Find out more about our Helix Range of garden studios.


Elegans is a luxury range of garden buildings that require no planning permission. The design, installation and build quality are very similar to our Helix range but we've used even more luxurious finishing touches, such as Western Red Cedar cladding, solid wood engineered flooring and brushed chrome fixtures and fittings.

This range also comes in a range of styles and sizes, starting from as little as £11,700* (including VAT, installation and foundations). We can also help you customise your building by adding any number of extras or upgrades - from a sedum 'living' roof and exterior decking, to sliding bi-folding doors and full climate control.

Find out more about our Elegans Garden Studio range

*2011 price

Flexible, Multi-purpose Space

Individually tailored to your specific needs our garden studios are sure to fit with your lifestyle and add value to your home. The materials we use are of a quality you would expect within the home and ensure the feel of the garden building is welcoming and comfortable.

Much more than a posh shed, our studios are thermally efficient making them warm throughout the year. As we primarily offer bespoke garden studios, if you need dual purpose space for work and leisure or simply need to retain some storage in the garden, we can accommodate your requirements.

Contemporary Design

Our studios can provide a striking focal point for the garden or should you prefer can equally be incorporated into the landscaping to blend with the garden surrounds. The cladding options we offer provide a natural wood finish which is both long lasting and attractive.

High specification glazing adds to the modern appeal and many of our buildings feature large bifolding glazed sections to which open the room up to the outdoors. With a choice of modern fixtures and fittings our garden studios can fit with the rest of your home.

Garden Studios for a wide range of purposes

Whether you are looking to work from home or for more space for the family, our range of garden studios provide a wealth of opportunities for adding useable, flexible space for your home.

How would you use your studio space?

  • An office space for home working
  • As a treatment room for complementary therapy
  • Dedicated music room for tuition or recording
  • Quiet hobby space for art, sculpture and crafts
  • A reading room in the peace of your garden

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