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The CPA (Consumer Protection Association) is an organisation that sets out to protect consumers when purchasing a range of services around the home. We have been members for several years and our reports can be viewed below.

To see what our clients have said about us and view build photos visit our testimonials section.

CPA Reports 2017

View our 2017 Q2 Report - View Document

View our 2017 Q1 Report - View Document 

Previous CPA Reports

View our 2016 Report - View Document 

View our 2015 Report - View Document 

View 5 Year Certificate - View Document 

View our 2014 Report - View Document 

View our 2013 Report - View Document 

View our 2012 Report - View Document 

View our 2011 Report - View Document 

View our 2010 Report - View Document 

Note: CPA insurance backed guarantee coverage is included for all builds up to £50,000.00 (inc VAT) in value. CPA coverage on residential projects over £50,000.00 (inc VAT) are subject to the following additional 'optional' charges - 0.75% of gross contract value, plus VAT.