Client Name

Mr and Mrs Sathy


Greenwich London


Garden Room


3.65m by 3.65m


The photos demonstrate just how bespoke even quirky our garden spaces can be, designed to fit not only a functional role but a very specific space. This family wished to create an additional room for the family and the only space available was this corner of their courtyard garden. Our constructions are guaranteed to last, are exceptionally thermally efficient, create additional all year round space and can be of any size, shape or configuration you require.


Our survey of this site revealed that some preparatory work would be required before commencing the build. The area of ground designated needed to be leveled and the raised borders shortened to allow our studio to slide snuggly into the corner. Being tight up to the boundary of the property (less than 1 meter away) the rear walls of the garden room had to be covered by significantly non-combustible material (as per regulations). We use high grade cement particle board which is painted with RAL coded weatherproof paint to match the frames at the front. Most of our clients choose anthracite grey (RAL 7016) but we offer a range of colours.This fabulously shaped room was designed with care. The aluminium powder coated bifolds fold back into the recess created by the roof overhang and were chosen to maximise space when the weather permits. Our electrician tapped power from the main consumer unit in the basement of the house and laid cabling to the studio to supply the stylish down lighters (9 internal and 4 external), 4 double sockets and the underfloor heating. The SIPs (structured insulated panels) construction of our garden rooms affords incredible thermal efficiency (U value of approx 0.27) and so underfloor heating is an adequate and very efficient way to elevate the ambient temperate on the colder winter days. Further information on the insulation properties and heating options for our buildings is detailed on the website. You may be surprised to learn that the flooring shown in the photographs is one from our 10mm quality laminate range. Not only does it look fabulous but it is extremely hard wearing and because great care is taken in its laying will last decades. The finishing touch to this quaint room is the golden hued robust Western Red Cedar cladding. The photographs reveal that one side of our building almost touches the sleepers of the raised border. To achieve such precision our build team, who thrive on ingenuity and attention to detail, installed the cladding prior to lifting the SIPs panels into position. We hope this lovely addition to the Sathy family provides years of enjoyment, evolving in its role as they grow and their needs alter.