Client Name





Garden Music Studio


External dimensions: 7.2m by 4.8m
Internal Space: 30sqm


The requirement here was for a high specification bespoke sound studio in which this professional musician could make and record music. Our client first viewed another sound studio we had built, to confirm in his mind that we deliver the high acoustic performance essential to him. The trip proved valuable. He was able, not only to see for himself the build quality of the other sound studio, but speak to its owner whose recommendations assured him of our service.


This was a relatively large studio however, by not exceeding 30m2 internally, not having any drainage and not exceeding 2.5m in height there was no requirement for planning permission or building regulation sign off. The design for this studio incorporated an internal recording booth and our gold acoustic package. All our studios are built using SIPs (structured insulated panel systems). Each panel is composed of two sheets of OSB (orientated strand board) filled with polyurethane foam giving a highly rigid, robust and thermally efficient structure. Moreover this multi layered structure affords superb sound proofing cross a wide spectrum. We further enhance this acoustic performance with specialist glazing and materials that cover the ceiling, walls and floor. (Details of our 'acoustic solutions' can be found on our website under 'EXTRAS'). It is not just the materials used that contribute to this performance but the design itself and internally the one wall and corner were 'splayed' (built at a specific angle) to reduce flutter echo. Most professionals believe a room's acoustics are just as important as the equipment used. As well as ticking all the technical boxes for the build our designer and client together created a great work space (within budget), with an attractive recessed step up, lit by overhead LED down lighters and a glazed corner, looking back across the garden.