Client Name

Mr Bartlett


Leamington Spa


Garden Music Studio


Helix Studio
6m by 3.5m


Our client is a keen guitarist and music teacher. He and his son also play the drums which transmit penetrating sounds that even the most insulated family home cannot muffle. In the site of their old garage this family wished to create a bespoke music room in which they could play and teach without disturbing the surrounding neighbourhood.
As you can see from our website Garden Spaces have considerable experience in creating music and recording studios. Crucially we offer a comprehensive spectrum of acoustic solutions ensuring every studio is tailor made to the specific requirements, budget and real estate of our client.


We carried out a site survey and together with the client designed this bespoke studio. The building was to be situated on the site of an old garage. This was removed and the site cleared by our client prior to out arrival but we can do this on your behalf if preferred. Design is so important with these builds. With our wealth of experience we can advise you on how to achieve the best acoustic performance from your studio within the confines of your budget and aspirations. Many factors come into play such as dimensions and positioning, quality and choice of material, layering and density of material and reduction of glazing whilst maintaining adequate light.
It is important to appreciate that the standard structure for all our studios is highly sound proof, due to the SIPs (structured insulated panels) construction (please refer to 'Materials' section for more information), encompassed in a waterproof membrane, fibrous cladding and seamless rubber roof. This basic structure can then be further enhanced with our bronze or gold acoustic package. For this studio the gold package was chosen; every wall was covered in specialist 'Silent board', the ceiling covered by a double layer of acoustic plaster board and a cushioned acoustic underlay laid below the laminate flooring.
The weakest point in terms of acoustic performance is always glazing, hence as the photos demonstrate, this was kept to a minimum, without detracting aesthetically. Additional light was achieved by integrating a sun tube in the roof, as well as in 8 internal down lighters. Finally, our sleek, very quiet Hitachi inverter unit was installed to maintain the perfect climate with minimal energy input, throughout the year.