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Helix - Sound Studio - East London

Client Name:



Sound Studio


External dimensions: 4.7m by 4m
Internal height: 2.15m(min)
Internal area: 16.4msq


Garden Spaces have expert knowledge and experience in installing acoustic packages for a range of requirements. Our client required is an international DJ who records and mixes his own music. Outstanding acoustic performance rather than aesthetics was the key driver for this design.

Our Solution

Acoustic Package:

• Floor: 3-layer acoustic underlay mat

• Ceiling: Acoustic self-adhesive rubber membrane (2.6mm) on SIP (Structural insulated panel), resilient bar (13.5mm) and acoustic plasterboard (12.5mm). Total = 28.6mm

• Walls: Fastener (with incorporated rubber de-coupler), metal furring strips (41mm) with infill of acoustic mineral wool (30mm), double layer of acoustic plasterboard (12.5mm each) with acoustic self-adhesive rubber membrane (2.6mm) between. Total = 68.6m

Double framed acoustic glazing: Ensuring no acoustic leak.

Acoustic door: With specialised frame and internal insulation.

External finish: Kiln dried thermowood cladding which further enhances the acoustic performance of the studio.

Security: Fitted with PIR sensor to activate external downlights.

WiFi: Wireless broadband via power cable.

Frames: All powder coated aluminium in grey black (RAL 7021 ST)

Climate Control: Fujitsu LT high spec unit installed by experts. Exceptionally quiet and energy efficient with inbuilt PIR sensors.

Flooring: Upgraded to engineered oak, a timeless durable and beautiful option, guaranteed for 25-years.

Electrics: 2 strip lights, 10 double power sockets (placed 800mm above floor height) and one security light, all Part P certified.