Client Name

Mr Turley


Newcross Gate, London


Garden Music Studio


Helix Studio Centre - 4x3


Our customer for this project was a member of a band and they wanted somewhere they could practice, play and record their music. This amateur recording studio was requested to have minimal windows and doors and would have to be very well soundproofed.


As can be seen from the images of this building, the request for minimal windows was accomplished. The small windows allow some natural light into the studio whilst maintaining suitable soundproofing levels.
The door of the studio is finished in our wooden cladding and creates a visually striking building.
Due to the location of this building, planning permission had to be sought to allow building to progress. A railway line ran behind the studio which meant the soundproofing would have to work both ways, to keep the music sounds inside the building and keep any outside noise from passing trains to a minimum.
Planning permission was granted and taken care by us allowing the customer to concentrate on their music.
This building provides a perfect place for band practice and music recording.