Client Name

Mrs E Jones




Garden Music Studio


5m x 3.75m


Working from home may conjure images of a desk and computer, but not so for this client, a music teacher. She wanted to create a music room / piano room in which to teach and play, away from the distractions of a busy household. Pianos take up a considerable amount of wall space and so are not always easy to accommodate. Creating a bespoke garden room for musical instruments is an increasingly popular solution to such issues as space and noise.


Our designer surveyed the garden and worked with our client to create her perfect bespoke solution. To retain as much garden as possible we positioned the music room tight up to the rear boundary fence, complying with planning regulations by constructing the rear wall with cement particle board (a significantly non-combustible material). The client chose to have a living Sedum roof " a very attractive option that softens the look of the building and ensures it blends beautifully with the surrounding garden.
To maximise light and create a spacious feel our design incorporated inset glazing across the front and around one corner, with French doors opening out. In addition a high side window added additional natural light to the back of the room with eight internal and two external halogen down lights installed for evenings and those darker days of winter. No piano pupil can perform if they have chilly fingers. Our SIPs (structurally insulated panel system) construction together with the argon filled A rated glazing are highly thermally efficient ensuring light work for wall amounted convector heater to maintain a perfect ambient temperature. The western red cedar cladding and beautifully engineered oak floor (an upgrade option from our standard helix studio) gave a classy finish to this fabulous garden piano room.