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Helix - Office-workshop with storage - Hampshire

Client Name:



Office-workshop with storage


External dimensions: 6.39m by 3.79m
Internal height: 2.35m(min)
Internal area: 16.1msq
SIP Storage area: 4.4msq


Our client asked us to design and install a garden office and workshop with both internal and external storage areas.

Our Solution

Foundations: On this occasion, we were able to utilise the existing concrete slab as our foundation base, placing jack-pads directly on top. (It is not always possible and in many cases existing concrete is better removed and our stainless-steel screw pile foundations installed.) Mr Oakley cleared the existing shed away leaving us a clear and perfect build site on which to install his new studio.

Bespoke design: As the images reflect this was very much designed for the available space and intended function. A unique configuration of internal and external storage and main area.

Integral blinds: These sit within the argon filled glazing unit and are operated manually with magnets. They allow fine control of light, don't infringe on internal space, and are maintenance free.

Climate Control: The Fujitsu LT unit is an exceptionally energy efficient, quiet unit with remote control and sensors. More details can be found on our website.

Laminate flooring: Looks great, is incredibly durable, requires no maintenance and comes with a 25-year manufacturer's warranty.

Certificated electrics: 9 internal and 1 external dimmable LED down-lights and 4 double power sockets (brushed metal finish).