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Helix - Office with Ensuite - Kingston upon Thames

Client Name:



Office with Ensuite


External dimensions: 5.28m by 3.38m
Internal area: 14.5msq


This client needed office space and chose Garden Spaces to design and install a bespoke garden studio. They decided to include an en-suite shower room, which is not only convenient the working day but future proofs the build for other uses and of course means they have a great over flow room for staying guests.

Our Solution

Bespoke foundations: Where ground conditions are suitable we employ stainless steel screw foundations. However, foundations must be suitable and for this build, with the ground beneath the building predominantly sand, a concrete raft was required.

En-suite shower room: Built to become a working office, this studio includes a toilet and shower room making it also ideal for overnight guests.

French doors and window frames: Upgraded from uPVC to powder coated aluminium in RAL7021ST (black / grey)

Decked step with roof overhang: A composite deck step across French doors and full length windows creates an attractive entrance, sheltered by the roof overhang which is installed with external LED down lights.

Laminate flooring: Our most popular floor finish which comes as standard in all Helix models. Its attractive yet durable against heavy traffic and office equipment. It comes with a 25-year manufacturer's residential warranty.

Fujitsu Climate control: For perfect temperature and humidity winter and summer.

Heating and electrics: Our electrician installed 9 internal and 2 external LED downlights and 4 double power sockets, all Part P certified.