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Garden Music Studio


External dimensions: 3.53m by 2.93m
Internal area: 8.8msq


Mr Merlo wanted to install a garden studio in which to play and record his music. As you can see from our website, we have designed many sound studios and music rooms with varying levels of acoustic insulation depending on requirement. This bespoke studio included the following features:


Acoustic Package: We offer a wide range of acoustic enhancements which you can cherry pick from, depending on the level of insulation and performance you require. Mr Merlo chose enhancements from our bronze silver and gold packages:

- 5mm acoustic underlay (22dB)

- Acoustic glazing

- Sound proofing wall board (18mm)

- Acoustic ceiling panels (22mm)

Fit for purpose design: Sound studios never look hugely attractive but the lack of windows is deliberate as glazing reduces acoustic performance. We offer acoustic glazing, as some natural light is desirable and many of our studios have multi-functional usage.

Thermowood Cladding: Kiln dried, fixed with secret stainless steel pins and maintenance free.

Aluminium blinds: A stylish yet economic way to ensure good light control and privacy.

Heating: Underfloor heating with thermostatic touch screen controls.

Laminated floor: 10 v groove laminate that works well with underfloor heating and is exceptionally durable (25-year residential warranty).

Window and doors: uPVC French doors and one high opening window, essentially for good ventilation in the warmer months.

Electrical installations: 1 contemporary strip light and 3 double power sockets, installed and Part P certificated by our experienced electrician.