Client Name



Deal, Kent


Garden Music Studio


Helix Centre 3x3


Every musician likes to have somewhere to practice and play but this is not always conducive to their home or neighbours. The joys of our garden studios is not only that they make perfect music rooms but can be tailored to fit almost any garden regardless of shape or size. Our client on this project wanted a very acoustically efficient music room which could accommodate a drum kit and a couple of guitars with enough room for people to be able to play in.
The building would have to be suitable for year round use, easy access from the house with heating as well as sound proofing options.


At Garden Spaces we have considerable experience in creating music rooms and recording studios.
In standard specification all our garden rooms perform very well acoustically - in terms of both sound absorption and sound proofing. This is due to the materials used in the walls, floor and ceiling " various thicknesses at various densities and structures. We use a 100mm, 125mm or 150m SIPs (Structural Insulating Panels) construction as a core of our buildings.
Internally we add plasterboard and externally we have a build-up of breathable water proof membrane, treated timber batten and finished in kiln dried (fibrous) timber cladding " either Western red cedar or Thermowood.
It's all about using different materials of varying thicknesses and densities to block as wide a spectrum of noise as possible.
In addition we offer a range of acoustic enhancements in the walls, floor and ceiling. This starts at one or two layers of acoustic plasterboard and acoustic underlay and goes up to our 'Gold standard'.
The 'Gold Standard' was the option chosen for this studio, this includes a double layer of acoustic plasterboard in the ceiling, Impactalay+ in the floor and Silentboard insulation in the walls creating a very acoustically efficient space. In addition to this acoustic glazing and curtains were also installed.
To enable easy access from the house, a decked path was created linking the main dwelling with the music studio and tying in to a decked area in front of the studio.
Underfloor heating was installed providing a heat source on cold days allowing for full year round use.