Client Name

Mrs Calvert


Bournemouth, Dorset


Garden Music Studio


Helix Studio Centre - 4x3


Our client on this build was a music teacher who taught from home. They wanted a purpose built studio which they could use as a classroom during the day, and then double up as a chillout and music room for their children in the evening.
Large double doors at the front of the studio were also requested to make the most of the garden space in the summer.
The studio was to be built on the site of their former garage which had been removed prior to us being contacted. This would provide a level building surface on which the studio could sit minimizing groundworks.


We provided a well sized and suitable studio which met the clients needs perfectly. There was plenty of space for the son's drumkit and guitars, as well as space for a piano and a sofa. This created a multipurpose space which could be used for any occasion.
The underfloor heating which was installed meant the studio would be warm in winter, the large doors meaning the studio could be opened up in the warmer months.
An additional side door was installed to make access easy from the house, and the insulated nature of the studio meant music could be played to reasonable volumes without disturbing the neighbours.
Minimal groundworks were required with only foundations needing doing. The build was completed in less than 3 weeks and musical instruments were being moved in as the build team were leaving. The studio being put straight into use.
Posted on Apr 15