Client Name



West Hornden


Games Room


Helix Studio Centre 6x4


Our customer for this build wanted a multi-functional family room in the garden which would mainly be used for music and games. They requested a shower suite and toilet along with a small kitchenette for the studio to be fully versatile. Internet and television connections would also be required.


Our garden studios are perfect multi-purpose rooms. They can be used all year round regardless of the weather and with the number for options and tailored solutions we offer we can create a bespoke room for any garden. This particular studio was built with a shower suite and a toilet in a separate cubicle, as well as a small kitchenette in the main room.
A hot water heater was installed under the sink and the worktop and cupboards were built to allow room for a fridge to be installed at a later date.
The shower suite has an extraction system in it eliminating the issue of moisture build up or residue. The toilet has a macerator to aid the disposal of waste materials.
Wireless broadband internet was installed along with the requested television connections. The sockets for the television were mounted high up on the wall so when mounted on a bracket, the television would hide these and create a visually pleasing finish.
Our building are very thermally efficient all year round but we do recommend some heating element, in this case the customer chose our underfloor heating option with a wall mounted control panel.
To aid in keeping sound levels to a minimum, the customer opted for our bronze acoustic package, this includes a double layer of acoustic plasterboard in the walls and ceiling, and acoustic underlay in the floor. This provide enough acoustic insulation so neighbours would not be disturbed.
A very nice complete package perfect for any use.