Client Name





Garden Office


External Dimensions " 3.78m by 4.88m
Internal Space " 14.6


These clients wanted some additional year-round space, ostensibly for use as an office from which to work from home but with a broader role as a multi-functional space for the family to enjoy and extra capacity when friends and family are staying. It was important therefore to include a WC in the design, to avoid the distractions that inevitably arise when having to pop back to the house, whilst trying to work and to save guests fumbling through the dark, in the middle of the night.


There was an existing chalet style shed with a toilet at the bottom of the garden but it was positioned in such a way that the children's trampoline could not fit to one side of it. Our studios being under 2.5m external height can be built tight up to the boundary. The family were therefore able to reconfigure the garden creating a fabulous play area where the old chalet sat with the office studio on the left hand side which benefits from the evening sun. The original design had a western red cedar finish, but on further discussion our designer came up with this striking polymer render finish which the Richardson's loved. The powder coated aluminium sliding doors are recessed to create a step up, made with non-slip composite decking. The overhang does not continue across the entire width of the two facades however there is illusion that it does, created by a seamless change from white to anthracite grey in the render. The frames and decking are also anthracite grey. Other features included 12 internal and 4 external down-lighters, 4 double power sockets and a Hitachi Shirokuma A+ energy climate control unit. Overall a fabulous multi functional addition to the garden which we hope will serve the family well for many years.