Client Name

Mr and Mrs Harding


St Austell


Garden Office


6.15m by 3.15m


Our weather may not be relied upon for sunbathing but every day is a hot tub day, rain or shine, winter or summer. Our bespoke garden studios create the perfect setting, with fabulous expanses of glass and doors that can fold, slide or swing back to bring the outside in. Moreover, the high thermal efficiency of our structures means you can maintain very comfortable ambient temperatures with minimal energy input. It doesn't have to be a commando challenge experience every time you prepare to jump in!
So, a studio suitable for a hot tub was the key criteria for this build. Other considerations were orientation, size and a design to compliment the garden and provide a year round multi-functional family space.


Hot tubs are heavy, water can slop over the sides and they produce a lot of steam and humidity. The floor had to be structurally sound and strong enough to withstand the weight of the hot tub. In general, empty hot tubs can weigh anywhere from 400 to 700 pounds. A 700-pound hot tub is usually designed to hold about 600 gallons. When full, a hot tub of this size weighs about 6,000 pounds and has space for six average-sized adults. Our studio floors are normally constructed in the same material as the walls and ceiling, with SIPs (structured insulated panels). SIPs are highly rigid and highly thermally efficient so perfect for most flooring and furniture. For this build however, given the planned installation of a hot tub, an insulated concrete raft was a more appropriate base, providing the additional structural support required and ideal for tiling onto.
Our helix studios come (as standard) with kiln dried thermowood cladding but as with all our features, this can be interchanged / upgraded. Our clients chose Western Red Cedar cladding which is a fabulous FSC wood that lasts for decades, maintenance free and adds to the already impressive thermal efficiency of the building. It too is kiln dried so will not warp or swell, is secured with secret stainless steel fixings that do not bleed and is incredibly robust with a fine even grain and anti-fungal properties. The Hardings also upgraded from strip lighting to LED down lighters and chose underfloor (tile) heating was an optional extra.