Client Name

Great Oaks Hospital - NHS




Garden Gym


5m x 3.75m


An excellent service from start to finish, good quality materials and workmanship giving an attractive finish and good space for our Service Users fitness workouts. A pleasure to deal with this company.


This high security hospital wanted to create a gym for its residents. The hospital was a very modern building with limited real estate and only a small area available at the rear for this project build. Of key importance in the design was access and security. The gym required two access points, one of which was to be linked securely to the hospital.


At garden spaces our experts design and install many gym rooms. Most gyms require a head height of 2.7 meters to enable equipment such as bicycles and running machines to be used. Depending on proximity to the boundary, a building that exceeds 2.5 meters in external height, may require planning approval, increasing an element of time and cost to the project. If ground conditions allow, the simple solution is to countersink the floor of the building, which is what we were able to do with this build.
The NHS manager commissioning this project was unable to meet us on site and so the all communication was achieved through emails and telephone conversations, with a local employee providing access to the site for the survey and build. As a secure NHS establishment compliance with additional regulations, particularly fire and security, was necessary. Guiding our client through building control process and attending the site at appropriate structural stages to asses and sign the build off as compliant, was managed by a highly trusted company whom we recommend.
As seen from the photographs our designer incorporated the two entry / exist points at diagonally opposing corners of the gym. Also incorporated as upgrades from our Helix studio range were LED down lighters (cooler than halogen), a beautiful light ceiling light well, climate control to maintain comfortable temperatures for exercising and aluminium powder coated frames which incorporates high performance toughened glazing. Despite never meeting with us, our client was delighted with the finished gym which has enhanced facilities hence the quality of care, they can offer their service users.