Client Name

Mr and Mrs Crossey


Guildford, Surrey


Garden Office


Helix Centre 4x3


Since rules on garden buildings were relaxed, more and more people are choosing to work from home in purpose built studios. These provide a perfect work environment separate from the distractions of working within your own dwelling. Our garden studios provide a thermally and acoustically efficient room that can be used all year round and make fantastic office spaces.
Our client for this build is one of the many people now choosing the path to work from home. They came to us wanting a very soundproof office with plenty of light, privacy and a thermally controllable environment.


At Garden Spaces, we are very proud of our buildings ability to stay warm in winter, cool in summer and provide a quiet space for any purpose. All our buildings are very acoustically efficient however as our client on this project wanted extra sound insulation we installed our Bronze Acoustic package. This consists of a double layer of acoustic plasterboard in the walls and ceiling, and a 5mm acoustic underlay in the floor. These combined with the standard building materials used in all our studios provided a very quiet building which met the clients standards.
To increase the privacy of the building, aluminium blinds were installed. These can be controlled to tilt or be fully lifted to provide a clear view outside allowing for openness when wanted and isolation when needed.
Internally the building has upgraded lighting, from striplights to downlights, with additional lighting on the outside of the building.
Externally the building is finished in our cedar cladding which is complimented by our hardwood decking and steps. All in all, a lovely finish to a versatile office space.