Client Name

Mr Frankish


Kenilworthy, Kent


Garden Gym


Helix Studio Left - 3.5x2 with integrated storage


The customer request for this build was an all white studio which would match the existing walls in their garden, whilst complimenting the white doors of their house.
The studio was to be used as a home gym but would incorporate a storage area the rear for garden tools and equipment.


The studio was designed to taper with the customer's garden. The rendered exterior was finished in white as requested and this blended in well, matching the existing garden walls and the doors to the house.
A small composite grey deck was installed making access in and out of the studio easy.
The storage area was built at the rear of the studio and provided more than enough space for the customer to store their garden tools and equipment.
External lights create a striking look at night and the finished product creates a modern and simplistic look.