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Helix - Gym - Hampshire

Client Name:





External dimensions: 4.69m by 4.59m
Internal height: 2.10m(min)
Internal area: 18.2msq

Client Comments:

We’re very pleased with the work that has been carried out. A huge thanks to everyone involved.


The McInnes wanted to create more living space. The initial intention is to use this spacious bright studio as a gym but our clients envisage the studio evolving into the children’s space for playing, watching movies, having sleep overs etc.

Our Solution

Foundations: Stainless steel screw pile foundations.

Sloping Site: A double steps up to the entrance plus graduated adjustments to the screw pile foundations enabled us to overcome the gradient of the garden without expensive landscaping.

French doors: 1.8m wide x 2.05m high

uPVC Frames: Argon filled double glazing within anthracite grey frames with high security 5-point locking doors and key operated locks to the rear high opening window.

Certificated electrics: 9 internal and 2 external dimmable LED down-lights and 5 double power sockets (brushed metal finish).