Client Name





Garden Gym


External dimensions: 5.38m by 3.68m
Internal area: 16msq


To the fabulous Garden Spaces Team - Thank you. A tremendous job. A pleasure to have you here. Thank you for a lovely building we will all enjoy.


This family wished to install a bespoke home gym. Installing garden gyms, be it for personal or business use, has become extremely popular. We have installed over 50 gyms to date, all different and all detailed here!


Additional head height: If a flat roofed building is more than 2ms from the nearest boundary, it can be built to an external height of 3ms (within permissible planning). There was enough space to site this building just over 2ms from the boundary allowing us to build to 3ms, which gave generous internal head height of 2.7m.

Reinforced ceiling:  For punch bag attachment (we commonly install TRX fixings too).

Thermowood cladding: This FSC wood is kiln dried, so will not warp or swell and is secured with secret stainless steel fixings that do not bleed. It can be oiled annually or left to silver and is otherwise maintenance free.

Glazing: Two fixed glazed panels either side of French doors across the front of the gym with a high opening window on the back wall ensures good ventilation through the building.

Windows and door frames: All are uPVC anthracite grey externally and clean white internally.

Laminate flooring: A perfect floor covering for gyms as it is attractive yet extremely tough, easy to clean and comes with a 25 year manufacturers residential warranty.

Electrics: 8 internal LED down-lights and 4 double power sockets installed and fully certified by our electrician in accordance with Building Regulations.