Client Name





Garden Gym


External Dimensions: 4m by 4.3m
Internal Area: 14.7


Our client wished to install her own bespoke garden gym. Having a gym may seem a luxury but with busy lives and time at a premium studio gyms are becoming increasing popular way of keeping fit and unwinding. They offer unrivalled convenience, privacy and saves not only time but the cost of commuting and membership fees which add up over the years. Of course though our garden studio may begin life as a gym, it is a space for life and can be used in any other capacity if needs change.


This studio nestles perfectly within the existing foliage of the garden studio. It was carefully designed and positioned to ensure at least two metres from the boundary on all sides. As such we were able to increase the external finished height to three metres (without planning permission), giving greater internal height which is so important when using equipment such as cross trainers or running machines. Do not be deterred if you are thinking of installing a studio gym but cannot achieve a two metre gap from your boundary. We are adept at creating the extra height needed in other ways, such as digging down to countersink the floor. Given the extra height above ground on this build, we increased the height of the floor to ceiling window frames and inserted a glazed panel above the French doors, maximising the light and sense of space within the studio. Additional light and the surety of a through breeze was achieved with two top opening windows on the rear and side wall. All frames were uPVC being anthracite grey externally and white internally. An air-conditioning unit was installed to the rear of the room and one of the five double power sockets was floor mounted to power the equipment without trailing wires. Finishing touches included Wireless broadband via power cable and an external security light with PIR.