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Garden Studio


Helix Studio
5m by 3.15m
Internal space: 16m2


One of the most satisfying aspects of installing a garden spaces' studio is transforming an area, previously generally redundant (especially in the colder wetter months of the year) and turning it into a spacious warmly inviting multi-functional space that can be used winter and summer for decades to come. What's not to like? These clients wanted to do just that " in this case by taking down an old garage at the bottom of their garden to create the space for a fabulous family room, to be used all year round.


This was a terraced property, so access was achieved through the house and via a narrow lane at the bottom of the garden. To maximise the true potential of this build we designed a room that spanned the whole width of the garden, fitting snugly to the side boundaries and rear fence. From a building regulations perspective this meant the three sides adjacent to the boundaries had to be covered by cement particle board (a 'substantially non-combustible material') which we paint with weatherproof paint (colour coded to match the aluminium powder coated framework of the glazing). The front elevation was clad in our stunning western red cedar - a remarkable soft wood. It is sourced from sustainable forestry in Canada and is characterised by its fine and very even grain with no knotting. It is kiln dried and fixed using a tongue groove system with secret fixings, unique to us.
To increase space and create that wonderful indoor outdoor feel, bifolds were chosen across the front, which when swept back, create a continuum from floor to decking without hazards thresholds to step over. Complementing the cladding, our clients chose the 'balau' hard wood decking (we also offer soft wood or composite) for its durability, anti-slip properties (this wood was originally used for marine decks) and its' built-in resistance to fungal decay and insect attack. An additional feature was an external door at the back of the studio so that access to the back lane was not lost. Power cables were laid from the house to service 5 power sockets, 8 internal and 4 external down-lighters, plus a wall mounted convector heater.
This garden studio provides all year round low maintenance low energy additional space. Its role may well evolve as the needs of the family change and evolve over the coming years.