Client Name

Mr and Mrs Ford


Wivenhoe, Colchester


Garden Office


Helix 3 x 2


There is something immensely satisfying about making best use of the space we have. This was indeed what our clients wished to do by building a beautiful multi-purpose garden studio in their quaint if not vast back garden. It was their hope that despite being a terraced house we could, within permissible development, create a useful additional room that they could enjoy all the year round for many decades to come.


A considerable number of our studios are built for people for whom space is at a premium, extensions are too costly or not viable and access is perceived to be a problem. That is the beauty of our SIPs (structured insulated panels) construction. It essentially all comes flat packed and can be manually, carefully, carried through the house, over the back fence or down narrow alleys ways. (We've even built a studio on the side of a cliff some 180 steeps steps down!)
This studio came through the house and now nestles beautifully in the corner of our clients' rear garden. Though this was essentially a helix studio they cherry picked a number of upgrades plus chose some lovely additional features. The most noteworthy of these was our luscious living sedum roof which makes the studio far more an extension of the garden than an addition to it! As well as looking beautiful from ground level and the upper floors of the house the sedum roof boasts a number of advantage:
- Creates a habitat for insects thus encourages birds and butterflies to your garden.
- Improves insulation, keeping the studio cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
- Acts as a sound barrier reducing noise inside the studio.
- Absorbs 75% of the rainfall, filtering and releasing it slowly back into the atmosphere.
More benefits, facts and figures on sedum roofs can be found on the website (under EXTRAS " Living Roofs). The bespoke features didn't stop with the roof. This garden studio was designed with an indoor out door feel in mind, created by the smooth-sliding aluminium bifold doors opening on to our non-slip composite decking. The decking is fitted flush with the threshold to create a continuum with the timelessly attractive and hard wearing engineered oak flooring. Our studios are highly thermally efficient requiring minimal additional energy to increase the temperature if required in the winter. Many clients, the Fords included, opt for under floor heating to boost the temperature when needed. We use a system that works perfectly with engineered wooden floors and further enhance its thermal efficiency by adding a layer of insulating tiles onto our SIP floor. Again, further information is available on our website. The Fords have made some of their garden space into a great space that they can enjoy all year round, for whatever their needs dictate.