Client Name





Garden Office


Helix Studio
3.6m by 3.9m
Internal: 11m2
Storage: 2.4m2


Our client needed two things - an office large enough for two sizeable desks (for two busy professionals) and a large, completely separate storage area to replace the useful shed that had to be removed to create the space needed. As with most properties in London, garden space was not abundant and access was through the house with parking some distance away. With our vast breadth of experience building hundreds of studios in the London area, such issues are common place and did not faze our construction teams.


After surveying the site we discussed with our clients how best to design the building to maximise function yet maintain a beautiful facade. Desk space within an office can be an issue. Knowing this, our clients envisaged incorporating a standard height window at the front, under which to position a desk, allowing them to look out whist working without the desk being visible from the garden. From a design perspective we felt this would be a compromise and so suggested floor to ceiling glazing (two large fixed panels with a hinged door to one side) but with opaque glass running across the bottom half. A desk could therefore be placed against it but it and paraphernalia beneath, hidden from view. Our clients were delighted with this innovative solution which preserved the light and spaciousness that this aesthetic expanse of glazing gives. On the left side of the studio an area was partitioned off for storage, accessed from an external door cunningly paneled in the same cladding as the rest of the exterior. Having external access preserved maximum usable wall space within the office. A subtle roof overhang across the front elevation housing two down lighters, plus our Helix studio thermowood cladding and run of soft wood decking gave the building a stylish rather than 'boxy' bearing.
Other features of this design included 6 double power sockets, seven internal down lighters and one telephone socket. All frames were upgraded to powder coated aluminium in anthracite grey and we fitted aluminium blinds that sit perfectly in the recess of the frames. Overall a very functional bespoke office was created for our clients to use throughout the year regardless of freezing winter days or baking summer sun.