Client Name

Mr Dickenson


Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex


Garden Office


Helix 4 x 2


The appeal of working from home has always been a big draw for many people and this is now becoming more and more popular, especially if you have space for a garden studio office. Thanks to our range of options and the flexibility of our designs we can custom build a building to suit any garden size and dimension.
Our client for this build wanted a small but highly specified building from which he could work from home. Many people choose our Helix specification buildings and upgrade aspects of this to match our Elegans range.


To save money the client provided the electrical connections and wired in the building themselves. To provide enough light and increase the visual appeal of the building, we installed a customised glazing layout on the front of the studio. This created easy access and allowed the maximum amount of light to end the building.
The studio was finished in an upgrade to cedar cladding on the front fascia, with fire retardant cement particle board on the non-visible side and rear. These were then painted in weatherproof paint.
The door and windows on this build were grey Upvc on the outside with a white internal finish to match the painted interior walls. The lighting was upgraded from contemporary striplights to white plastic downlighters which created a bright space, perfect for working in.